What is Microdosing? (COMPLETE GUIDE)

According to WIM Scientific Laboratories, microdosing refers to ingesting psychedelic drugs such as LSD, Magic Mushrooms, MDMA, Truffles, DMT… in a very “micro dose”. Micro dose is usually a 1/10th of a regular dose for each substance. Keep in mind that this subject is very under researched.

1/10th of a regular dose for:

  • LSD is 10-20µg,
  • Psilocybin is 0.1 – 0.3g,
  • MDMA is 20 – 50mg, (For more, click here)
  • Truffles is 0.2 – 0.6g,
  • DMT is 5 – 15mg, (For more, click here)

Benefits of Microdosing

Microdosing was first reported by the media hype following a story that originated from Silicon Valley, where some tech geniuses reported that using LSD in microdoses, as stated above, provided beneficial effects to their productivity, focus, creativity and a general boost to their mental capabilities. Quickly the sotry spread and a lot of people had tried microdosing on their own, and most reported similar effects that microdosing had on them.

We cannot say that this works the same for everyone, but in general people do experience beneficial effects. The first person to synthesise LSD has reportedly used microdosing of the drug for the great part of his late life. He lived to be 102.

Another great research was done by James Fadiman. An American psychologist and writer. Who says microdosing is beneficial and said that it is an “extremely healthy alternative to Adderall”, alleviating the symptoms of depression, ADHD, migraines and chronic-fatigue syndrome.


  • More Energetic feeling that is similar to feeling really well rested and fully alive,
  • Being able to participate in sports activities without tiring out,
  • Feeling drained at the end of the day, which may help solve sleeping problems,
  • Relaxation and feeling of extreme focus,
  • Sometimes nausea and dizziness.


  • Feeling empathetic,
  • More appreciative to “little things” ,
  • Improved mood, anti depressive,
  • Personal troubles are sometimes frightening, but are sometimes resolved,
  • Increased Patience,
  • Increased Emotional Clarity,


  • Music sounds better,
  • Sometimes objects have a glow, or look brighter,
  • Enhanced smell and touch,
  • Time warp – time seems to slow down at times,


  • Enhanced thinking, “Outside the box”,
  • More creative ideas,
  • Ability to recall past ideas that are so called “lost”,
  • Users reported increased ability to meditate,

Long Term Effects

There has not been a lot of evidence that suggest microdosing can cause long term side effects, but the use of psychedelics has been known to affect one’s perception and change the working of the brain. There have been reports that suggest using psychedelics can cause “flashbacks”. Flashbacks are feeling the effect of the drug months or even years after using the drug. However this is usually credited to very large doses, and has not been reported by microdosing. Still we refer to using caution.

Experimenting on Your own

Make sure that you don’t just rush out and buy a bunch of LSD and start using. It is very important to have a good knowledge on these topics and we recommend starting with smaller doses, and trying to find your right dose. Do not mix different substances with each other. Also, don’t forget to test your molly or test your LSD, and magic mushrooms before ingesting!

We recommend that you keep your daily routine in balance: sleep, eating, meditation…

We also recommend being discreet as psychedelics are a very stigmatic topic in our society and a lot of people can misunderstand you.